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A 21st Century Institution

We are a co-educational K-12 school for children aged 3 to 18 years. The school is founded on the core competencies that are most relevant today – critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, powerful communication, collaboration and the nurturing of an environment where emphasis is placed on respect, empathy and bonding which will enable students to contribute effectively throughout their lives.

The endeavour at Chatrabhuj Narsee School is to focus on transforming our students into confident and self-reliant individuals who are ready to negotiate challenges and create new pathways with determination and skill. With the inception of this institution Is the dream to provide an intellectually stimulating environment within a trans-disciplinary broad-based curriculum committed to meeting the needs of tomorrow’s world.




How much does it cost to start a CNS Franchise?

Your total cost to start a CNS Franchise would depend on the curriculum, location, number of students and the fee structure. Total investment will depend on the size of the land and approximately 70000 sq ft. construction in the first phase.

Do you help in planning the budget of the school?

We help in planning the budget and also provide all necessary support in making the financial model of the school. The necessary templates required to create the projections, budgets and P&L will be discussed and shared with you.

How much revenue can CNS Partners make annually?

Revenue varies depending upon a number of factors including location, occupancy and operating cost and the ability of the franchise to manage and control the business. We are looking at a very stable and win-win situation for the Franchisee and us for the long term.

What Franchise Fee do we have to pay CNS?

There is a one-time Franchise set up fee depending on the Board of Education. In the following years, the Franchise Fee is in the form of royalty YOY or percentage whichever is higher. It is basically a percentage of the revenue earned by the Franchise every month. More information will be shared with you once you fill up the form online.

Will you help me to get a loan to set up the school?

CNS does not provide any loan facilities or get involved in providing any loan

I currently own a school, but I am interested in turning it into a CNS school so that I may benefit from your brand, systems, support and programming. Is this possible?

Absolutely, it is possible. But we will have to study the current systems, infra and operations which you may require to upgrade to meet our requirements. If you are interested in converting an operating school into a CNS school, simply fill out the Enquiry Form and meet our representative for a discussion.

What is the procedure for starting a CNS Franchise?

  • You will be guided through the entire process as needed.
  • First you will need to fill out the FRANCHISE ENQUIRY FORM
  • You will then have a telephonic meeting with our representative who will discuss and let you know the next course of action
  • You will then be invited to meet with the CNS Team in Mumbai for a detailed discussion
  • Once you are selected and approved, we will send you a copy of the MOU and Franchise Agreement which will need to be read and signed. At the time of signing, you will also have to pay the first instalment of the Franchise Fee
    Post signing you will be guided through the processes involved towards the creation of the school building
    Launch the school with promotions in consultation with CNS’s marketing department
  • Run the school as per the operations manuals and cooperate with the audits in order to maintain the standards of CNS

Would CNS help me to find a suitable place to start the school?

It is preferable if you have your own Non Agricultural land – owned or with long term lease already, in case, you need, our team will work with you as well as local brokers or developers to evaluate sites in your market and help to identify the proper location for your new school, once the agreement has been signed.

How long will it take to open a school?

It depends upon the quality and condition of the existing infrastructure. Accordingly, it may take 6-18 months. At the same time the finance, the initiative and the proactiveness that you will show will surely add value.

What will happen during this period?

Several major items are orchestrated in parallel. You will construct the building or renovate it as required. You obtain the furniture, attend your training program and obtain other educational equipment. At the same time, pre- marketing is conducted in your area using various forms of advertising media. At the same time, you will be preparing for the implementation of the Marketing Plan designed by our marketing staff for your school. We manage this process with checklists and active support for you to get started as much as possible.

Would CNS help us to construct the building?

Not directly. However, we have our own panel of architects who are already familiar with our requirements and we can connect them to you. You can also choose your own architect. The construction of the school will be as per the specifications of our design team. We will supervise the design and implementation during the construction process. We will have to sign off on the plans before construction can begin or when any changes to the approved plans are made.

Will I be given help with the marketing and collaterals required to launch the school?

Yes. You will receive a basic collateral pack that will help you in the launch of your franchise. You will also receive soft copies of the same and a collateral manual for you to use for on-going marketing and branding.

Will CNS support in finding qualified teachers and staff?

The quality of staff will have a great impact on the quality of education offered in the school. Hence, it is crucial that we personally recruit the core team members to attract the best possible talent. The number of teachers and staff to be recruited will be decided keeping in mind the response to the admissions.

Would CNS help us manage the school?

CNS works on a model wherein the owner manages the school or hires the right people who can manage it on their behalf. CNS will help in hiring and training the principal and teachers for their specific roles and provide all necessary knowledge on how to manage the school on a day-to-day basis.

How will I learn to run my school?

n addition to the manuals, we have created a training program and hands-on experience that will teach you to run your school. You can also host an annual conference, which will bring associates together to discuss opportunities to improve your skills and share best practices.

Will CNS support the ongoing running of the school?

CNS will provide on-going support to the Franchise in a variety of ways. There will be training modules provided for staff and teachers; there will be audits of systems and feedback for improvement provided. You shall have a SPOC (Single Point of Contact) with whom you can share all the queries that you have, and he/she will further connect with respective people in-charge and revert to you.

Does CNS provide the books, study material, uniform etc.?

Yes, CNS provides the books, study material and all the other necessary items.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not, we have transparent policies and there is no hidden cost.

What is the time frame to get an affiliation?

Well it varies for different boards. Once you decide and wish to go ahead with the Board of your choice, we shall share further details

How does CNS ensure that the quality of the school and curriculum is maintained?

CNS is committed to maintaining a benchmark of quality in all our schools. Regular quality audits will be held through Teacher Observation Checklists, Internal and External Audit teams, Mentoring Programs and various other means. Any shortcoming found will be brought to the notice of the Management and remedial steps will be taken.